Bands of Power: These are a special set of bracers inset with intricate Warpstone designs. A model equipped with bands of power may activate them at the start of any assault phase. Until the end of the assault phase the model may double his Strength. A single set of bands of power may only be used D3 times per game, roll to determine the number of uses when they are first used.

Biotox Blade: Any close combat from with a biotox blade which roll a 6 to wound cause Instant Death (ie counts as having a Strength twice the target's Toughness). Note: the model may still save as normal.

Biotox Hurler: Any hits from a biotox hurler which roll a 6 to wound cause Instant Death (ie counts as having a Strength twice the target's Toughness). Note: the model may still save as normal.

Biotox Grenades: An enemy unit charged by a unit armed with biotox grenades suffers a -1 to hit modifier in hand to hand.

Blessing of the Horned Rat: If a model with the blessing of the Horned Rat is wounded and fails his armour save (or receives no save) and is within 2" of a friendly model roll a D6. On a result of 4+ he ducks away at the last minute - apply the wound instead to any friendly model within 2".

Doom Glaive: Each Verminlord wields a deadly weapon called a Doom Glaive. The Doom Glaive is a massive spear with a huge blade of warpstone attached to its head. In addition to being used in close combat, a Doom Glaive may also be thrown in the shooting phase and uses the following profile. 

Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Doom Glaive 6" 6 2 Assault 1
After being thrown it will magically return to the Verminlord's hand. In addition, on any natural to wound roll of 6 a hit from a Doom Glaive will inflict D6 wounds instead of 1.

Engineer Warlock's Tools: Each turn an Engineer Warlock equipped with his tools may either attempt to repair an immobilised vehicle or destroyed vehicle weapon (successful on a roll of 6), or allow the unit that he is part of to to re-roll one missed to hit shooting roll. 

Flame Cannon: A flame cannon works in exactly the same was as a Heavy Flamer, except the heavy flamer template is moved forward D6" when fired. Any model which is covered or partially covered by the heavy flamer template as it moves is effectively hit by a heavy flamer.

Myrmidon's Whip: A Myrmidon's whip is treated as a close combat weapon, and also allows the Myrmidon to attack models within 2" as if they were in base-to-base contact.

Additionally, once per turn a Myrmidon may use the whip if his pack fails a leadership test of any kind. Resolve a single close combat attack by the Myrmidon at the closest member of his pack: if the attack successfully hits the pack may re-roll the failed leadership test.

Needle Pistol: Needle pistols work similarly to Needle Rifles in that they fire small needle-like projectiles coated in poison. A needle pistol always wounds on a 4+, regardless of the targets Toughness value.

Prehensile Tail: A Vermin model with a prehensile tail receives an additional +1 attack.

Screaming Bell: Each time the Screaming Bell is used, roll 2D6 to determine the strength of the hit, however if doubles are rolled the Screaming Bell itself is also damaged - roll a D3 on the glancing hit table to see what effect it has on the vehicle. When rolling to penetrate against vehicles roll 4D6 and discard the lowest die.

In addition, any Vermin pack with a model within 6" of a Screaming Bell when it is fired receive +1 Ld until the end of the following opponent's turn.

Shadow Cloak: A shadow cloak is a specially woven cameleoline cloak which renders its wearer near invisible in cover. Any enemy firing at a model wearing a shadow cloak in cover requires a 6 to hit.

Skalm: A model equipped with Skalm allows his unit to ignore its first failed saving throw each turn. This ability may not be used on any model who has been unfortunate enough to suffer Instant Death or that has been hit by a weapon that allows no save.

Staff of Power: A Grey Seer wielding a staff of power gains a bonus of +1 to his Leadership when making any Psychic tests. In addition it is treated as a power weapon, but can unleash a psychic attack that can kill an opponent outright. Roll to hit, to wound and to save as normal, Then as long as at least one wound has been inflicted, make a Psychic test for the psyker against one opponent wounded by the rod. The normal rules for using psychic powers apply, and you can not use another psychic ability in the same turn. If the test is passed then the opponent is slain outright, no matter how many wounds it has (but count the actual amount inflicted for determining which side won the assault).

Warpstone Ammunition/Blade: Vermin weapons may be upgraded with Warpstone blades or ammunition. A warpstone blade or weapon with warpstone ammunition receives a bonus of +1 Strength. In addition, any hits which roll a 6 to wound ignore armour saves, and any hits against vehicles which fail to penetrate but roll a 6 for penetration score a glancing hit, regardless of the target's armour value.

Warpstone Bombs: Warpstone Bombs have an armour penetration of 4D6 against vehicles. However, warpstone bombs need to be primed and clamped on, so each model using them makes only one attack and doesn't count bonus attacks for charging, extra hand weapons, etc. Warpstone bombs can be used in a Death or Glory attack against a tank attempting to overrun.

Warpstone Charm: A model bearing a Warpstone Charm gains an Invulnerable save of 6+. In addition, any psychic power affecting a model with a Warpstone Charm is nullified on a roll of 4+ and may not be used that turn.

Warpvermin Grenade Pack: Warpvermin are equipped with a short ranged grenade launcher loaded with frag and krak grenades, and sometimes weeping grenades. Weeping grenades are a special type of grenade consisting of a highly corrosive poison contained within a glass sphere. Weeping grenades always wound on a 4+, regardless of the target's Toughness value.

Warpvermin Jump Pack: Warpvermin use a complex jump generator which allows them to jump short distances through the warp. Although this allows them to move rapidly and avoiding any obstacle, the Warpvermins' exposure to the warp is not without peril. A model with a Warpvermin jump pack may move up to 12" in the movement phase and ignores all terrain during its move. The model may not finish its move in impassable terrain.

The Warpvermin may make a second jump at the start of the assault phase if you wish. They cannot make a second jump and charge into an assault in the same turn. The jump generator becomes more unpredictable during this second jump and the following rules apply. Nominate the direction the squad is jumping in and move the squad 2D6" in this direction. If you roll a double, one member of the squad has suffered a calamity in the warp and is removed as a casualty (the survivors move the distance rolled).

A unit equipped with Warpvermin jump packs advance and fall back 3D6",ignoring terrain as for its normal move.

Weeping Blades: A weeping blade always wounds on a roll of 4+, regardless of respective Strength and Toughness values. Additionally, a natural to wound roll of 6 means that D3 wounds are inflicted instead of 1.


Curse of the Horned One: The Curse of the Horned one may be used during the shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. Choose any model within 18" and line of sight as the target: the Vermin player rolls 4D6 and the opposing player adds together the target model's Leadership, Toughness and remaining Wounds - for each point the Vermin player wins by the target loses one wound, no armour save allowed. If the Vermin player scores equal to or less than the target the psychic power has no effect.

Death Frenzy: The Death Frenzy psychic power may be used during the shooting phase instead of shooting. Nominate a Vermin unit within 12" and make a psychic test. If successful, the target unit may make a 'Fleet Of Foot' move of 2D6" instead of the regular D6". If doubles are rolled the unit suffers D3 wounds from overexertion, with normal armour saves allowed.

Warp Lightning: The Warp Lightning psychic power works in the same way as the Warp Lightning Generator, and may either be used during the shooting phase instead of firing a weapon, or at the start of the Assault phase.

Weeping Wind: The Weeping Wind may be used during the model's shooting phase instead of shooting a weapon. When used, the Weeping Wind counts as a weapon with the following profile:

Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Weeping Wind 18" * 6 Ordinance 1 Blast
The Weeping Wind always wounds on a 4+, regardless of the targets Toughness value.


Biotox Cloud: Roll a D6 for each model assaulting a vehicle equipped with a biotox cloud - if the roll is higher than the model's toughness the model automatically takes a wound but may roll for armour as normal.

Icon of the Horned Rat: All Vermin packs with at least one model within 6" of a vehicle with an Icon of the Horned Rat receives +1 Ld.

Warp Lightning Generator: A Warp Lightning Generator may be used in one of two ways: If the model is engaged in close combat it may make D3 extra close combat attacks worked out at Initiative 8. This can be used on models within 2" as well as those in base contact. The attacks will hit on a roll of 4+ regardless of Weapon Skill, and inflicts D3 Strength 6 hits with normal armour saves allowed. Note: since any models killed in this fashion count as close combat casualties, a Doomwheel will get its full number of Attacks, even if the model it is in base contact with is killed by the Warp Lightning Generator. 

If the vehicle is not in close combat the Warp Lightning Generator can be used as a ranged weapon with the following profile:

Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Warp Lightning 24" 6 - Assault D3

Warp Lightning Field: The warp lightning field offers the vehicle a variable saving throw against shooting attacks. At the start of each Vermin turn roll a D6 and consult the following table:
D6 Result
1 The Warp Lightning Field shorts out, and may not be used for the rest of the game. Roll a D3 on the glancing hit table to see what effect it has on the vehicle.
2-4 The vehicle receives an armour save equal to the die roll against all penetrating and glancing hits until the start of the next Vermin turn.
5-6 The vehicle receives an invulnerable save equal to the die roll against all penetrating and glancing hits until the start of the next Vermin turn.

Warpstone Charm: Any psychic power affecting the a vehicle with a Warpstone Charm or any Vermin within 6" of the vehicle is nullified on a roll of 5+ and may not be used that turn.

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